Nan Lian Garden.

Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong — visited 23rd June 2016. Yet another beautiful park in the city~ Right next to Chi Lin Nunnery. That's a restaurant! And this is.. Kinkakuji? And ending off with another cool washroom sign :D . #132


Daerungwon Tomb Complex.

Daerungwon Tomb Complex (대릉원), Gyeongju, South Korea — visited 8th November 2016. I love how all these places of historical significance in Korea are also such great places for walks~ Especially with the perfect weather in autumn! :D Beautiful colours~ And persimmons! :D . #131

Sea Breeze Warung.

Sea Breeze Warung, Nusa Ceningan, Bali, Indonesia — visited 21st September 2017. Awesome place! With hammocks, swings and awesome quotes like this~ :D . Then, the tides went down. I finished my milkshake and went exploring~ ^^ With the Yellow Bridge far in the background. Jiro vs Brittle Star. How many Brittle Stars can you find?… Continue reading Sea Breeze Warung.