Chanced upon this on youtube earlier this afternoon~ "Because catching 'em all, starts with one." . And it starts with one of us, people like you and me. . #139


Daerungwon Tomb Complex.

Daerungwon Tomb Complex (대릉원), Gyeongju, South Korea — visited 8th November 2016. I love how all these places of historical significance in Korea are also such great places for walks~ Especially with the perfect weather in autumn! :D Beautiful colours~ And persimmons! :D . #131


"I'm a rich man because I made more mistakes." "Mistakes are bad if you're arrogant. Mistakes are good if you're humble." — Robert Kiyosaki People always love asking successful people, "What's one biggest mistake you've ever made?" "Is there one mistake that you wished you hadn't made?" The biggest mistakes will always turn out to… Continue reading Mistakes.

Edo Wonderland.

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura (登別伊達時代村), Hokkaido, Japan — visited 7th August 2017. Of ninjas, games, snacks and the weirdest themed houses with the craziest illusions and tricks~ When travelling, there'd be times when you wished you were alone so that you'd have more time to hang around and really take in the places you like. Yet… Continue reading Edo Wonderland.