Changgyeonggung, Seoul, South Korea — visited 17th October 2014. My favourite out of the 4 grand palaces plus 1 shrine that were included for admission with the integrated ticket. It's not a big compound, but I loved how it felt really spacious and calm, unlike the larger and more popular palaces where although huge and… Continue reading Changgyeonggung.

The Low Road.

The Low Road to Taos, New Mexico, USA — drove through on 7th January 2016. Was heading to Angel Fire from Santa Fe. And this was taken somewhere along the Rio Grande Gorge~ . I read a review online that suggested taking the Low Road there and the High Road back for better views, and… Continue reading The Low Road.

Tai O Fishing Village.

Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong — visited 4th November 2015. A great place to spend at least half a day~ ^^ . While out on a boat ride, . And back on land, . How can one visit a fishing village and not eat some seafood? Of course I had to visit that one… Continue reading Tai O Fishing Village.