Sea Breeze Warung.

Sea Breeze Warung, Nusa Ceningan, Bali, Indonesia — visited 21st September 2017. Awesome place! With hammocks, swings and awesome quotes like this~ :D . Then, the tides went down. I finished my milkshake and went exploring~ ^^ With the Yellow Bridge far in the background. Jiro vs Brittle Star. How many Brittle Stars can you find?… Continue reading Sea Breeze Warung.


The Eagle.

I remember reading about the 'rebirth' of an eagle some time back and feeling very amazed. It's since become my favourite bird. :) Earlier today, I chanced upon a video on my Facebook newsfeed about the leadership principles to be learnt from an eagle. Here's another version I found on youtube with the same principles… Continue reading The Eagle.

Nusa Dua.

While wandering around the streets of Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia — photos taken between 17th - 22nd November 2016. Do check out my adventures along the beach too! ^^ . One just can't help but stop to admire the beautiful Balinese architecture. Such intricacy~ Not forgetting the very dynamic sculptures. Like this one~ . And here's,… Continue reading Nusa Dua.

Koh Tachai.

Koh Tachai, Similan Islands, Thailand — visited 28th April 2016. Our Day 3 "beach time" stop on the Similan Explorer liveaboard! :D Day 2's adventures can be found here. ^^ A short while after we came back from that dive trip, they closed the island to tourists cos there were just too many people and… Continue reading Koh Tachai.