Changgyeonggung, Seoul, South Korea — visited 17th October 2014. My favourite out of the 4 grand palaces plus 1 shrine that were included for admission with the integrated ticket. It's not a big compound, but I loved how it felt really spacious and calm, unlike the larger and more popular palaces where although huge and… Continue reading Changgyeonggung.

Khao Lak.

Somewhere in Khao Lak, Thailand — visited 26th April 2016. We arrived in the morning while we were set to head off to our boat (for our liveaboard dive trip — a little more on it here and here) in the late afternoon, so we wandered around for a bit and saw some cool stuff~… Continue reading Khao Lak.

Tai O Fishing Village.

Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong — visited 4th November 2015. A great place to spend at least half a day~ ^^ . While out on a boat ride, . And back on land, . How can one visit a fishing village and not eat some seafood? Of course I had to visit that one… Continue reading Tai O Fishing Village.