Sea Breeze Warung.

Sea Breeze Warung, Nusa Ceningan, Bali, Indonesia — visited 21st September 2017. Awesome place! With hammocks, swings and awesome quotes like this~ :D . Then, the tides went down. I finished my milkshake and went exploring~ ^^ With the Yellow Bridge far in the background. Jiro vs Brittle Star. How many Brittle Stars can you find?… Continue reading Sea Breeze Warung.


Breakfast at The Deck.

The Deck Cafe, Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia — visited 22nd September 2017. You know, Lembongan is really the first ever place I've visited that planted a "I wanna live here!" thought in my head. And now it can't go away.. Which is absolutely a good thing. :D . #124

Oyunuma Natural Footbath.

Oyunumna Natural Footbath (大湯沼川天然足湯), Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan — visited 8th August 2017. Due to some volcanic activity, if I remember correctly, the water was warmer and murkier than usual. And so, the footbath was closed that day :( But of course, photos anyway~ . And some along the way from Hell Valley, . #121