Manatees in the River Safari.

Amazon Flooded Forest (Manatee Exhibit), River Safari, Singapore — visited 8th March 2017. Was my first trip to the River Safari! Definitely the most unique park among all the Wildlife Reserve Parks in Singapore. :) I've always found Manatees really adorable~ :D And I found this place really cool cos doesn't it give you the Slytherin… Continue reading Manatees in the River Safari.


Dinosaurs in The Gardens.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore — photos taken on 28th March 2017. These installations were part of the Children's Festival back in March. I've always been intrigued by dinosaurs~ Just third to sharks and dragons :D Of course I had to come check these out! ^^ . Jiro vs Cranidos. . Jiro vs Primal uh..… Continue reading Dinosaurs in The Gardens.

Sentosa Sandsation.

A sand festival that's currently on at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore — visited 6th September 2017. My first time seeing sand sculptures of such intricacy, in both craftsmanship and concept, up close. I've always thought sand sculptures were really amazing even just from seeing them through TV. But I never expected that it was going… Continue reading Sentosa Sandsation.


“As long as I can influence people, I will. Because we have to. You’ve got no choice, you’ve got to keep at it. Cos otherwise you’re not gonna like yourself when you're an old man. You’re gonna like yourself much more if you can say, 'Well, I sure tried to turn that around. And maybe… Continue reading Influence.

Parkview Square.

Parkview Square, Singapore — photos taken on 27th July 2016 (From the outside) & 20th June 2017 (On the inside). Also known as Gotham City. But it's really just an office building. Or is it not? 0.o Just another of those places where you know exists in your city, but really won't explore unless there's… Continue reading Parkview Square.